1)Don’t Change the way you dress for people who won’t notice anyway

2) When they tell you to run you better run and run fast

3) Don’t resent your mother when she says “I told you so”

4) It’s actually harder to like someone than it is to love them

5) Don’t let ANYONE romanticize your pain for any reason

6) No means no

7) Stop also means stop

8) If he doesn’t listen to you, punch him in the dick

9) Don’t be afraid to tell people what you feel. If you don’t like something, tell them. If you do, still tell them.

10) Late night texts don’t determine how much someone cares about you

11) Crying in someone’s arms is the truest form of intimacy and should be the only form you need when your brain and heart look like burnt scrambled eggs

12) Forever is the greatest lie anyone can tell you in any context

13) It should not take two bottles of NyQuil, a note stuffed under your pillow, a phone call at 2:56 AM and $3.50 in gas for you to understand you aren’t worthless

14) If you don’t want them to have your number you don’t have to give it to them

15) If you have cried together it means more than if you have slept together

16) If they are willing to walk you back to your room in the middle of the night while your shaking and cold they mean something. In some way they mean everything.

17) “Friend” does not mean fuck buddy and it never will

18) Just because I can doesn’t mean I want to

19) Understand what your Dad means when he says “I don’t like him”

20) Never say “You didn’t mean shit to me” or “I never cared about you anyway”. They were always shit. You still cared about them though.

- 20 things I’ve learned the hard way and need to remember (via ghost-cuddles)

(via feelings-so-indescribable)